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5 Reasons Why Recreational Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

Cannabis in Glass Jars

More and more people are in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana. In fact, it is the first time in over a century that the legalization of weed is becoming more and more likely. States have already started legalizing recreational weed and it is likely more will join the list of recreational cannabis states.

However, there are still a lot of negative misconceptions about recreational cannabis. But here are five reasons why the legalization of weed is a good thing. These are not in any particular order.

#1 – No one has died from a recreational marijuana overdose

There has never been a recorded instance of cannabis overdose. Ever. However, thousands of people die every year from alcohol poisoning and prescription drug overdose. Why should a drug that has never caused an overdose be outlawed when more harmful drugs are legal and even socially acceptable to use?

#2 – Marijuana is rarely abused

Recreational cannabis is not nearly as addicting as other substances, including coffee and tobacco. In fact, recreational weed has only lead to a dependence in about 10 percent of users. Tobacco leads to a dependence of 30 percent of its users.

#3 – It is not a gateway drug

One of the biggest myths about cannabis is that it is a gateway drug to more harmful and addicting substances like heroin and cocaine. People who try pot before moving on to other illegal substances almost always drink alcohol and smoke before that. Over half of Americans have tried pot at least one time in their life. If marijuana was really a gateway drug then the rate of drug addicts and recovering drug addicts would be much, much higher.

A lot of people also think that cannabis could be a gateway drug because deceptive dealers sometimes mix a little bit of cocaine or other addicting, expensive drug into their marijuana stash so they can get people hooked on more addictive substances. If this happens, then all the more reason to legalize it so people have access to licensed dispensaries that do not do that.

#4 – It is a powerful medical treatment

Cannabis can be used to help with insomnia and anxiety. It can calm away stress and allow people to get a better night’s sleep safely. It also helps cancer patients going through chemotherapy by curbing their nausea and it can return appetite to those suffering from HIV/AIDs.

#5 – It would relieve a burden on taxpayers

The United States has the highest number of incarcerated citizens per capita, and the needs of those incarcerated are paid for by taxpayers. The incarceration system is largely unfair and once someone goes in it, it is difficult for them to get their life back on track, meaning they could end up in jail again, on the taxpayer’s dime. Three-quarters of a million people are arrested annually for marijuana use and possession. These arrests are almost always of people using this safe, beneficial drug for their own use, not with the intent to deal. This wastes resources in the police department and the justice system while also leading to overcrowded jails and more of a burden on taxpayers. Legalizing marijuana would drop crime rates and keep people out of prison for harmless crimes. Recreational cannabis states have already seen drops in crime rates.

Cannabis was outlawed because of a lot of misconceptions about the drug. A lot of it was also racially based, not based on science. It is time to legalize marijuana because it is the logical thing to do.

We hope this gives you insight as to why recreational weed should be legal for recreational use.

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