5 Things to Look For in a Good Dispensary

Marijuana Dispensaries

A marijuana dispensary is a legal and technical term for a regulated outlet to provide cannabis to a patient or recreational user. Cannabis Buyers Club was the first shop which opened beginning of 1992 in the State of California. Since then the marijuana industry has grown into a Multi-Billion Dollar business with many States and countries offering similar ways of dispensing cannabis to people.

If you have decided to dabble in the health and/or recreational benefits of cannabis, there is a world of options available to end users to access a legal supply. Depending on your State/Country laws, a simple Google search of “marijuana dispensary” will bring up a host of information about your local area. Many websites now offer services allowing you to locate, review and order cannabis online.

As with any service doing some research before purchasing from a dispensary is always a good option to consider before going down the road of legal medical marijuana. Below are 5 things to look for in a good marijuana dispensary.


With the continuous development of the cannabis industry options available are delivery services,
prescription or over the counter marijuana buying. Just be careful when crossing country or state
borders as this varies accordingly and you don’t want to be charged for a federal crime.


Whether or not you are purchasing cannabis for health or recreation, you really do want to consider the standards the dispensary has in place to deliver the product you will be buying. Like any other industry, only successful businesses have important processes and standards in place for the product life-cycle. In legal states, marijuana dispensary’s have strict regulations to adhere to and these are generally in place to protect users from being ripped off by unscrupulous marijuana dealers.


Researching your dispensary online is key. A good dispensary would have a professional website
contact methods and a physical address. Looking at some customer reviews would give you insight
on the companies background and client satisfaction. Staff should be friendly, efficient,
knowledgeable and professional when dealing with you. We no longer live in the dark years of
buying in back allies of clubs and pubs at risk of being conned into walking away with a bag of
dried basil.


Depending on your medical requirements quality of service and product is vital. This can only be
gauged once you have purchased your product from the marijuana dispensary and tested it. With
many different cannabis regulations laws and regulations in place, good marijuana dispensary will
label and store cannabis correctly. With the development of cannabis technology, one should have
accurate cannabinoid information about the type of cannabis you are purchasing.


Finally, probably the most important requirement, did you get value for money? One should not
have that empty feeling in their stomach. There are so many options available to us making a
purchase and with a little research of marijuana dispensary’s you will feel confident in making your
first purchase of many. Good luck!

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