Are Marijuana Tours Worth It?

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Ready to experience your first marijuana tour? The “real deal” cannabis tours are typically the ones that encompass several elements—education, exclusive discounts, group activities, and local culture—in one day. Cannabis tour companies are eager to cash in on the green rush but not all of them are up to scratch. A phenomenal tour acts like a cannabis concierge to budding connoisseurs, but the industry is not free of tour companies who get it all wrong. Here’s our quick primer on what to look for in a marijuana tour that is worth your time and money.

1. Getting Schooled on Production, Politics & Policy

Gather up your most burning cannabis questions and have them answered by experts as you get a backstage pass to cultivation and processing facilities. How is weed harvested? How many medical conditions can Cannalope treat? What’s legal and what’s not? Worthy weed tours will make you want to take notes about everything from genetics to home growing tips.

2. The Best Dispensaries in the Area

The dispensary stops have the potential to be the best part of the tour, especially for those hailing from non-legal states and countries. A good cannabis tour will indicate ahead of time the names of the dispensaries with which you’ll visit so that you can do some pre-emptive sleuthing. Are they reputable and top-rated? Check Leafly and even Yelp to see if the dispensaries on tour are as top rated as the tour operator claims.

3. More Fun Than You Could Plan on Your Own

Nothing says “leave the kids at home” like an invite to an amazing weed tour. Get on a good weed tour alone and you’ll love the “team-building” exercises, like getting blasted on the bus with all of your new friends, but there’s a chance to customize the tour if you plan ahead. Gather a big enough group, and you can make it a private experience for your stoner friends. Book it early in the day, and you’ll still have time after for a post-tour nap (necessary) and a night out. Some tour companies will help you customize the experience to best suit the group and occasion. Any marijuana tour company willing to go the extra mile for you is one worth your business. Oh yeah, and tour buses aren’t the only way to go. We’ve seen some amazing golf, art, and hiking events put on by reputable cannabis tourism companies too.

4. Local Hookups

Like a good wedding planner, a good marijuana tour already has pre-arranged discounts with individual partners whom you will meet along the way. You want discounts on excellent products, not reduced prices on old stock. Check out head shops and dispensaries that the tour stops at before you sign up. Are you dying to buy there? Only sign up if you can answer that question with a yes.

And there you have it, four quick ways to make sure that you’re on the right bus when it comes to cannabis tours. Have you been on an amazing marijuana tour recently? We’d love to hear about what made it so great so we can check it out too.

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