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Bongs-R-Us: Healers Not Dealers, A Smoke Shop With Community Values

In this article Ashton Deroy will take you through a journey on how he went from stressed out & sober. To medicated & on the way to happy, all with the use of medical cannabis. We will share how his brother played a key role in the idea but how Ashton Deroy is really evolving the idea to share a voice of his own. How Ashton Deroy stands for healing & connecting a community. Not dividing it and tearing it apart.

Since 2012 are family has done two things really well. Brew the best home brew in all of Brighton Ontario & become experts on the realm of medical & recreational cannabis. On July 1st 2018 over a vape session and some light smoking of a strain called Alien. Ashton Deroy & Matt Clarke began the process of starting their online shop where they could share their passion for creative Cannabis products with the world.

How did they get started on this path? Well Ashton Deroy started on it with the diagnosis of PTSD in 2018 which permitted him to smoke 1 gram a day and legally carry 30 grams of marijuana at a time. Matt Clarke started with his friend Jeremy with the idea that they should start a funny business with a cool name. From there they decided to grow the product line.

Now where are we?

Ashton DeroyAshton Deroy – Face of a Movement

  • I advocate for the legalization of medical, recreational, and spiritual marijuana regulated by Canadian law.
  • NOT the illegal sale by people who are known to have harmed or hindered their community.

“Healers, Not Dealers”

I want to spread the message that marijuana is about more than just getting really high. That is about healing, meditation and community. Our community. Where is our community? They are everywhere. Social justice, healthcare & education.We are apart of a movement. Of something some people may of thought was a dying cause. Well We are not dying… We are living to the fullest we can! We won’t be stopped by criminals or fascist regulations.

In the spirit of healing

I always mention the medically recommended ways of using dried bud cannabis are as followed: Cannabis tea & vaporizing. I also give the advice that cannabis users need to be engaged in regular exercise, tolerance breaks now and again as well as meditation to relax the heart.

Who do I consult with for my advice?

Nurses, doctors & my medical provider Aphria in Canada.

What kind of stoner\shop owner do I consider myself?

I consider myself the type who connects in the community, spreads the features & benefits of marijuana without hiding flaws. The type of person who believes there is a healthier alternative the variations to the existing treatments for psychological & physical afflictions mankind faces in larger numbers today.I am also the kind of person who cares on the impact we take on the environment in our day-to-day life. That is why my brand will be partnering with a eco-friendly swag bag producer named Litsie to bring the color & cause to the delivery of our stoner beginner kits launching this month. What will they include? Well they will include a glass pipe, screens & a Grinder. Perfect for the brand new college stoner.

Check out our Shop: https://bongs-r-us.net/collections/all, contact Ashton Deroy @ Ashtonderoy@gmail.com

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