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Can Vaping Help You To Stop Smoking Cannabis?

Vaping to Quit Smoking Weed

If you have a cannabis smoking habit and would like to quit but are finding it difficult to go cold turkey, you may have considered trying vaping as a substitute. After all, vaping helps many smokers quit tobacco, so can it work the same way for cannabis smokers?

We decided to explore the subject and take a look at the benefits vaping could have for cannabis smokers. While many people who smoke cannabis are perfectly happy to continue doing so, hopefully, this will help somebody who may be thinking of quitting!

Why do you want to quit smoking cannabis?

The reasons you may have for wanting to quit smoking cannabis are likely personal to you, but there are many reasons people choose to quit including to try and save money, because of the harmful effects of smoking tobacco in spliffs, or due to the fact that smoking cannabis is still illegal in many countries including the UK.

Additionally, since cannabis affects everybody differently, some people decide to quit because they are experiencing paranoia or anxiety, although not everybody who smokes weed will experience this.

Sometimes the decision to quit comes about as a result of conflict with friends, partners, or family members regarding their smoking habit.

Can vaping help you to quit?

Although most of the evidence into vaping as a means of quitting cannabis seems to be anecdotal, there are a number of reasons that people have found vaping helpful in their quest to quit the devil’s lettuce.

We spoke to Cloudz Vapour, one of the UK’s leading retailers of premium vape juice, who told us “the act of having a device that produces vapour helps enormously when it comes to the habit aspect of smoking weed. Still being able to blow clouds and having something to ‘smoke’ when you’re chilling out or hanging out with friends who still get high can make a big difference to your efforts to quit.”

What are your options?

How you choose to quit depends on the reasons you have for wanting to do so in the first place, but you have several options.

You can stop using cannabis altogether and replace the habit with vaping nicotine, with some people finding that the rush of the nicotine helps to somewhat replicate the high they are used to from smoking weed.

You can also stop using cannabis and take up vaping with e-liquid that does not contain nicotine at all if you do not wish to replace one vice with another, but still want to have something to smoke to replace the habit. Many people also start off vaping liquid high in nicotine and gradually reduce this until they are on 0%.

Another option is to continue using cannabis but to vaporize it instead of smoking it. You can buy devices that heat the bud to a temperature high enough to release the active ingredients (mostly THC) without combustion taking place. Buzzfeed explains how it all works in this article.

We hope this has helped to shed a bit of light on the subject of vaping as a substitute for smoking cannabis!

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