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Mighty Vaporizer Review

When searching for the best flower vape on the market, there are several options out there, but only one true winner. The Mighty by Storz & Bickel is a state-of-the-art hand held portable vaporizer that day-in and day-out continues to impress even the most savvy user.

The Mighty’s Design & Features

The Mighty was designed from the inside-out to produce the best vapor quality for flower. It’s patented heating element, cooling unit and dual lithium batteries allow the user to dial in whatever preferred temperature they want accurately and consistently. It does all this while also cooling the vapor throughout use, preventing any hot pulls which can irritate or even burn your throat.

The Mighty vs The Crafty

Storz & Bickel does produce a smaller version called The Crafty, but trust me, spend the extra bucks for The Mighty. Some of The Mighty’s major advantages are its unparalleled battery life (insert time) and its heat up time (less then a minute). One of the coolest accessories it comes with is a special container for your already-ground-up flower, which connects easily and effortlessly. This allows you to not only pack the perfect bowl every time, but also keeps you from being wasteful or making a mess of your product. Just like drinking fine wine and being able to taste the different notes of the varietal, this device allows you to truly taste the differences in the flower, while allowing you the healthiest, most efficient way of ingesting marijuana.

Additional Benefits

While there are many studies that show the many health benefits of vaping flower, most vapes still continue to burn the flower material, which defeats the purpose of vaping. With The Mighty’s precise temperature control, this will never happen. Another benefit of The Mighty is that it is technically an aromatherapy device, which, when cleaned, allows you to travel with it without any worry of getting in to a sticky situation if you don’t have your medical card.

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