What is Dabbing and How Does It Work?

A close up shot of a dab of Cannabis Shatter Hash.

If you’re involved with cannabis at all, then the term “dabbing” isn’t a new one for you, even if you’ve never dabbed before. It’s a consumption method that has been around since the early 2000s, leading to a flood of cannabis concentrates, high-efficiency extraction techniques, and a whole lot of fans in the cannabis community.A […]

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Should I Be Vaping CBD?

Medicinal cannabis with extracted oil in a bottle

The demand for high-CBD products is starting to feel like the Argan Oil rush of 2009, right? High demand for CBD products means a wider range of goods too, from sublingual drops to vaping CBD oils, to CBD dominant dry flower. That’s great and all but some consumers don’t know that the way in which […]

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Are Marijuana Tours Worth It?

Marijuana Farm Huge Room Full of Plants Ready for Harvesting

Ready to experience your first marijuana tour? The “real deal” cannabis tours are typically the ones that encompass several elements—education, exclusive discounts, group activities, and local culture—in one day. Cannabis tour companies are eager to cash in on the green rush but not all of them are up to scratch. A phenomenal tour acts like […]

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What Are Cannabis Capsules?

DNA strands in medicine capsules

Cannabis capsules are capsule pills–like Liquigels, for example–filled with marijuana oil. The capsules themselves are a clear yellow color, and the oil inside is dark and thick. The Benefits of Cannabis Capsules Marijuana capsules are beneficial to: people who prefer a steady, predictable dose of cannabinoids THC and CBD people who don’t want their home […]

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