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Two Vital Reasons for Lab Testing Marijuana

Cannabis Lab Testing

The medicinal benefits given by cannabis are undeniable. Since marijuana has now become a part of medicinal products, the standards of dosage and strength information are now applied to it just like any other drug. This is to ensure that a patient’s immune system will not be compromised by the use of marijuana.

There are two vital reasons for lab testing marijuana. They include verification to find out if they are fit for human consumption and potency information of the product.

Fit for Human Consumption

Everything found in the soil including heavy metals, pesticides, and nutrients are readily absorbed like a sponge by cannabis. Finding out is the reason why cannabis final flower products are subjected to lab tests. Acceptable maximum limits for residual pesticides, microbial, solvents, mycotoxins, and heavy metals have started to become established by regulatory agencies.

A “Certificate of Analysis” is issued to a marijuana product listing all the acceptable limits set by regulatory agencies. This is not a unique practice as it is also applied to other products such as ordinary foodstuffs brought at a local supermarket. The Certificate of Analysis is also the best way of assuring consumers that the marijuana they are buying may not in any way compromise their immune systems. Bearing a Certificate of Analysis is a guarantee that the marijuana product is free of contaminants, pesticides, residual solvents, heavy metals, and mycotoxins.

Potency Information

Any information about the terpene profile and cannabinoid makeup of a cannabis product you are about to consume can only be supplied by a lab test. It is the only way to find out its potency and the influence of the environment it was grown from.

As stated, marijuana is greatly influenced by the environment where it was cultivated. Cannabis grown in one part of a country may look like the same cultivar you may have tried in the past. However, it must be remembered that the environment influences the amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids present in the product. This means paying particular care to the terpenes and cannabinoids contained in the product before you consume the product.

Cannabis Testing Benefits the Consumer

The legalization of marijuana in almost all states of the USA has become a landmark for the product. However, regulation over the drug is still in its early stages. Harmful toxins from pesticides, solvents, and fungicide are the bane for the use of marijuana. This is the foremost reason why cannabis has to be lab tested before it is deemed safe for consumption.

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